Chanina Michelle

📍 Park Zypendaal, Arnhem

👑 Bio

Chanina Michelle is a shamanic writer and creator. She writes empathically and detailed; ideas arrive from visions that appear in her mind’s eye. She loves to help people to get a feeling of what they are conveying in their texts, and how to change words to create a heartfelt message. She’s a writer of both fiction and non-fiction, and writes both spiritual and non-spiritual web-texts for other people.
In her free-time she likes wandering through the woods or alongside water to gain some new inspiration and ground in earthly energy. Aside from writing, she’s into at least 5 amateur-level crafts: photography, artistic audio-editing, drawing, guiding meditations and sculpting clay. Join her for a lovely co-walk in one of the most beautiful parks of Arnhem.

🗓 Availability

🧠 Expertise

  • Writing
  • Empathic listener
  • Intuitive coaching/healing

🤪 Fun Facts

  • Loves freeze-dried raspberry coverd in pure chocolate
  • Hugs a tree every once in a while
  • Has a habit of falling in love with stones and crystals

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