Nico Gallardo

🧠 Entrepreneur
📍 Hoogte Kadijk, Amsterdam

👑 Bio

Building a blockchain startup

Building a Bitcoin & Economics education website

Building a community of Web3 enthusiast in Amsterdam

Was involved in multiple start-ups for the last few years

I work out. I swim in the canals. I meditate.

I am into nutritious food for a balanced body, mind and spirit.

Into films 🎬,

Into psychology & philosophy 🧠,

Into arts & culture 🎭,

Into music 🎹,

Into outdoors 🌳 ,

and consciousness expansion 🧿

🗓 Availability

🧠 Expertise

  • Startup Entrepreneurship
  • Bitcoin & Web3 (Crypto)
  • Film

🤪 Fun Facts

  • Host film nights every Sunday in my building
  • Traveled all around Bolivia, but no other country in the sub-continent
  • Had a lot of different small film projects throughout my whole life

📍 Location

📸 Photos

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